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ELL Handbooks

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ELL Handbooks

The ELL Handbooks are designed to be used alongside the CSI Literacy kits to specifically target the needs of English Language Learners (ELLs). They include an easy-to-use Pupils’ ELL Handbook and a comprehensive Teachers’ ELL Handbook. Tips in the ELL Handbooks include a variety of research-based ideas for working with ELLs, such as being sensitive to cultural differences and offering additional language support.

Provide extensive additional support for ELLs using the CSI Literacy kits

Draw from the principles of Sheltered Instruction/SDAIE/SIOP

Contain modified CSI Literacy kit writing activities for ELLs

Paraphrase challenging text and define additional vocabulary


The Pupils’ ELL Handbook includes:
  • Marked-up shared-reading lessons & co-operative learning activities to help pupils access the same texts as the rest of the class
  • Definitions of additional vocabulary words
  • Additional illustrations to help define difficult concepts
  • Support for the skills and strategies introduced in each lesson
The Teachers' ELL Handbook includes:
  • Detailed notes on how to deliver each lesson with a focus on the instructional needs of ELLs
  • Annotations for each lesson based on research-based best practices
  • A modified writing activity at the end of the shared-reading lesson
  • Cultural awareness tips
  • Ideas for before, during, and after reading to support ELLs
  • Ideas for scaffolding reading comprehension strategies
  • Co-operative learning tips
Extra support for ELLs
  • The notes in the ELL Handbooks are all based on current best practices and include a variety of ideas to propel learning. Some of these tips are quick, easy, and meant to help support ELLs as they are reading the texts in CSI Literacy. Others are longer projects and activities that help the pupils deepen their understanding of the skills and strategies needed for close reading.

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