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Private Eye

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The Mystery of
the Buried Army

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The Forgotten
Moon Landing

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The Disappearing

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Private Eye

CSI Literacy Private Eye is a series of solve-as-you-read online adventures that blend gaming functionality with evidence-based pedagogy to boost literacy skills. Students travel back and forward in time, and use fun digital tools to navigate through each story.

Each engaging online experience contains science, history, geography, maths and more! Students can complete their online detective work entirely at school or they can finish it up at home. 

In addition to learning about fascinating topics, students are able to master the use of close-reading skills and strategies, vocabulary acquisition and fluency in reading, and write and record their observations and predictions online as they gather evidence.

When they are finished, you can log in through your secure account and assess how they did. 

Engage students through transformational classroom learning

Cloud-based student delivery and teacher assessment tools

Provide extensive opportunities for online writing

Offer fun and authentic avenues for inquiry learning


  • Allows for independent close reading of complex, interactive texts
  • Supports locating of information across a variety of text types in an online environment
  • Provides a deep understanding of content across a range of subject matter
  • Supports purposeful and critical reading
  • Allows critical and strategic use of technology
  • Gives an understanding of other perspectives and cultures

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  • The Mystery of the Buried Army

    In 1974, some farmers digging a well uncovered one of the world’s greatest and most spooky treasures – 8,000 life-size terracotta warriors... but who created this army, why did they create it and how on earth did they do it? Immerse yourself in this cutting-edge online learning experience where you are the detective!

  • The Forgotten Moon Landing

    In 1969, shortly after humans first stepped on the moon, three more brave astronauts were about to try the same. Their mission was unexpectedly dangerous and incredibly successful, but why is it still so unknown today? Find out why when you investigate the amazing case of The Forgotten Moon Landing.

  • The Disappearing Pharaoh

    One hundred years ago, archaeologists discovered the broken remains of statues that celebrated the life of a great Egyptian pharaoh. For some reason, however, the statues had been vandalized within a few decades of the pharaoh’s death over 3500 years ago … Why would the ancient Egyptians have done this, and who was this mysterious leader they did their...

  • The Ship That Time Forgot

    Workers are baffled when they discover the remains of a nineteenth-century ship under an old office building. What on earth is a ship doing there, and what fascinating secrets does it hold?  Disaster, a bold plan, and a catastrophic earthquake will keep students enthralled as they uncover the mystery of the ship that time forgot.


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