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The CSI Literacy blog – Things that matter to teachers

Growth mindset quotes for your classroom

45 great quotes that promote growth mindset. Use them how you want, but they’re perfect for that weekly quote on the classroom board or screen.
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What Thanksgiving taught me about the achievement gap

Neale Pitches reflects on what he learned about closing education’s achievement gap over Thanksgiving.
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Learning styles – fact or fiction?

Educator and publisher Neale Pitches shares his thoughts on learning styles and teaching.
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16 truths about teaching as told by Friends

‘Pizza is always a good idea’ isn’t on this list, but it should be. 
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CSI Literacy and self-assessment

Year 4 teacher Amanda's favourite thing about CSI Literacy is the student assessment writing rubric. Find out why in this video.
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Growth mindset: Putting research into practice

Anyone with a growth mindset knows that learning itself is more important than intelligence. CSI Literacy is growth mindset in action. Here's why.
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22 things every teacher can relate to

Where ever you are in the world, here are 22 things we teachers all know and understand.
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The problem with inquiry learning

Student agency alone isn't enough to drive learning forward – here's why we need an inquiry intervention.
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Audio support and your literacy programme

Find out how using audio texts can boost reading comprehension among your students and why it should be in your literacy programme.
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