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Teacher talk

15 things that happen when teachers write reports

Here are a few things you can expect when you're writing reports.
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16 quotes for Teacher Appreciation Week

Teaching isn't always easy, so here’s a few reminders that you're doing a great job.
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Teacher reading: 20 great children’s books to read to your class

If you’ve ever been stuck for books to read aloud to your class, we’ve got a few ideas.
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Teacher talk: CSI Literacy is helpful to teachers

Glen Storey, a year 5/6 teacher, talks about his experience using CSI Literacy.
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Teacher talk: CSI is easy to use

Monique Storey, a year 4 teacher, talks about how easy it is to use CSI Literacy to teach reading comprehension.
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Find your voice: How digital shared reading helps struggling readers

When one of her struggling readers raised his hand in class, Nicky Simms knew she was onto something.
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