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15 things that happen when you're writing students' reports

15 things that happen when you're writing students' reports

We’ve all been there. 

1. Just getting to the starting line happens in five steps.

2. You get super excited about giving up your evenings and weekends

3. You learn the art of positive reframe

4. Punctuation stops making sense

5. And you write some words so many times that you become less convinced they’re actually words at all

6. You've just gotten in the zone when your spouse/partner/child interrupts you

7. In your house, report writing usually means one thing

8. If you made a graph of your time, it'd look something like this:


9. Something always goes wrong with your computer at a critical moment

10. The deadline comes up way too fast and you wonder if you can get away with “forgetting” the date

11. You get a bit overwhelmed and you don't know if you can get the job done

12. You get tired and over it

13. There comes a point when you'd take caffeine as an intravenous drip

14. But you see the end in sight and you. will. not. stop.

15. Once you add the last comment, it's party time. (So what if the party is going to bed with a cup of tea.)





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