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Send your students on a reading & writing adventure

A thousand teachers can’t be wrong! They’ve told us that even their most reluctant readers are totally engrossed in CSI Private Eye, the interactive online adventure series full of reading and writing activities and opportunities for critical thinking. Your students will love solving real-life mysteries from around the world – boosting literacy has never been so fun and easy.


"Hidden gold" writing lessons

What teachers say

CSI Private Eye makes teaching really easy. It’s one of the best resources I've used in 25 years.

– Lynlee

The response from our students has been quite dramatic ... Even my most reluctant readers have been totally engrossed in CSI Private Eye.

– Emily

Private Eye motivates students like a game, but there is serious learning going on.

– Julie

Students were so engrossed in CSI Private Eye that we spent an entire block on reading instead of getting on with our other work. We only stopped because the bell rang.

– Sue

Where education and technology meet

CSI Private Eye blends gaming with pedagogy to boost literacy skills – true education technology. Accessible from most digital devices (all you need is a browser), simply login to the online portal and start your next adventure!


How will CSI Private Eye help you?

Teachers who use CSI Private Eye have found it incredibly motivating for all of their students, especially their reluctant readers. Students who have fought reading have been totally engrossed in the adventures, and reading over 5000 words per session. 

Have Spanish-language learners in your class? Scaffold their learning with Spanish versions of each text. A ‘switch language’ button on the corner of the screen allows the reader to toggle between English and Spanish.