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About CSI Literacy

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How do we support and challenge our students so that they continue to make progress through the middle-years of schooling?

It is this question that drove me and a team of educators, literacy experts, publishers and developers to create CSI Literacy in 2007.

We created a world-first – a digital interface with tools for teaching reading to students. By combining this innovative interface with explicit teaching that focuses on a gradual release of responsibility, we developed a resource that hits the “sweet spot” – a literacy learning approach that promises accelerated achievement for students in the crucial middle years of schooling.

CSI Literacy is based on research evidence that supports the view that most, if not all, students can be brought to competence if the pedagogy is rich enough, the teaching explicit enough and the texts and tasks engaging enough.

Over the last 8 years, CSI Literacy has created the “accelerator effect” in classrooms all over the world.

The core of this success story is engagement:

  1. Students thrive on challenge, if it is accompanied by explicit support in the form of teacher modelling, student cooperative learning and digital texts and tools. Students know and feel that they are learning to read and “learning to learn”.
  2. Students enjoy reading short, often quirky, contemporary texts, displayed digitally and trying to apply new-found concepts (strategies and skills) using these texts. The digital texts and tools are “their” media and they feel at home in the presence of these texts.
  3. Students thrive on the success they experience in the inclusive learning community. Students experience success as themselves, whatever their culture or previous experience, because their cultural backgrounds and world knowledge is valued and built on as one of the key resources they have for understanding text.

We have come a long way since 2007, creating new editions of kits, as well as more innovative digital resources – iPad apps and multi-touch books and HTML5 writing tools and reading experiences.

CSI Literacy is better than ever, as a solution to the long-standing issue of student underachievement in literacy.

Portrait of Neale Pitches

Neale Pitches,
ONZM, BA, MEdAdmin (Hons), DipTchg, is co-author of CSI Literacy.


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