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Accelerate literacy achievement!

Students all over the world have made accelerated gains in their literacy progress with CSI Literacy.

CSI Literacy is an interactive literacy resource for teaching comprehension, vocabulary, writing, oral language and fluency.

Here’s why teachers and students love it!

  • Increased student and teacher engagement

    Engagement is the key to accelerated literacy achievement. CSI Literacy is founded on evidence-based principles known to increase student and teacher engagement:

    • Rich tasks focused on close-reading and finding evidence
    • Inclusive support and scaffolds for ELLs and struggling readers
    • Gradual release of responsibility – strong initial support with explicit instruction and teacher modelling, digital scaffolds and visual aids. The support is gradually released, leading students to become independent, strategic readers.
    • Short, interesting, contemporary texts that students want to read  
    • Complex, on-year-level texts from a wide-range of types and disciplines (non-fiction, fiction, science, social studies and numeracy)
    • Open, inquiring learning community – students are invited to bring their cultures, background knowledge and interests into the classroom
    • Blended media – combination of print and digital resources.
  • Interactive, digital technology

    Students are "digital natives" and digital media forms the basis of their world. CSI Literacy incorporates digital texts and tools that help students to feel at home as they learn. The CSI Literacy digital reading interface helps scaffold and engage students with the following:

    • Mask, underline and highlight text features for explicit instruction
    • Sticky notes for text annotation
    • Academic and discipline-specific vocabulary words with pop-up definitions
    • Embedded audio and video to extend student understanding.
  • Get great value for your money!

    CSI Literacy is more than a comprehension kit – it is an entire literacy approach to supplement your other teaching programmes.

    • Each kit contains more than 240 pieces of content – lesson plans, digital and hard-copy texts, co-operative activities, graphic organisers, audio tracks for building fluency, and more!
    • Additional resources are available in reasonably-priced packages or individual components – hard-copy books, e-books, iPad resources, HTML5 resources and ELL handbooks.
    • All resources come with embedded professional learning for teachers.


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