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Make your students successful readers and writers.

As a teacher, one of your challenges is that your students are not learning to read as well as they should. You need resources that boost reading comprehension and develop vocabulary, writing, oral language and fluency. 

We can help.

CSI Literacy offers engaging, fun and effective resources that will allow you to boost your students' literacy achievement.

We want to open the door for you to teach reading comprehension. With CSI Literacy, your students will be able to access reading strategies that they can use for the rest of their lives.

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CSI Literacy kits

Develop strategic, capable readers and thinkers. 

Designed to teach comprehension strategies, fluency, and academic language. Each year-level kit offers 80 engaging, short, complex, informational and fiction texts, and poetry – 40 of which are audio texts to support all readers. 40 interactive digital texts are also provided online and in hardcopy to give students essential online literacy experiences and to prepare for online testing.

  •       Students will read, think, talk, and write in response to high-interest texts. 
  •       Gradual release toward responsibility is used to build student agency.
  •       Students collaborate and build oral language skills as they closely read. 
  •       CSI Literacy kits align with new state standards. 
  •       Kits offer support for teacher modelling and explicit instruction. 
  •       Supports students to gain fluency in English.

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CSI Chapters

Accelerate comprehension development, vocabulary acquisition, and content literacy. 

CSI Chapters is a series of 25 high-interest books, plus shared-reading lessons, guided-reading lessons, and fun graphic organisers for writing. 

With each lesson, build your students’ strategic reading skills, reading stamina, and word-knowledge, while using a metacognitive learning approach to support and scaffold students and give them the confidence and skills needed to tackle any text.

CSI Chapters:

  •       contains over 700 pages of engaging, levelled content 
  •       includes fiction, poetry, science, numeracy, and social studies
  •       allows for shared, guided and independent reading 
  •       includes e-books with multimedia content for strong engagement 
  •       contains academic and general vocabulary glossaries
  •       supports students to gain fluency in English.

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Private Eye

Private Eye

Online, interactive, dual language literacy adventures 

CSI Private Eye is a series of 6 online, highly interactive solve-as-you-read online adventures. 

  •       18 writing lessons including different genres for instruction, mentor texts, planning, writing, revising and editing activities, and peer-to-peer assessment. 
  •       Teacher support shows every interactive screen with hidden items, answers to puzzles, and other helpful hints.
  •       Independent close reading of complex, interactive texts. 
  •       Locating of information across a variety of text types in an online environment. 
  •       Critical and strategic use of technology. 
  •       Purposeful and critical reading. 
  •       Understanding other perspectives and cultures.
  •       Deep understanding of content across a range of subject matter.

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