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CSI Chapters Teachers' Guide


CSI Chapters Teachers' Guide

Inside the CSI Chapters Teachers’ Guide, you’ll find lesson plans for each chapter book that provide engaging models for teaching comprehension strategies and vocabulary, as well as for reinforcing writing, fluency, and decoding.

Growing your students’ reading abilities shouldn’t be hard. We’ve made it easy with CSI Chapters, a series of short books for teachers who need engaging texts for guided or small group reading.

CSI Chapters is designed to be a flexible resource that supports multiple approaches to classroom teaching.

Inside the CSI Chapters Teachers’ Guide:

  • Lesson plans for every book in the CSI Chapters series
  • Graphic organisers for every book in the CSI Chapters series
  • Guides for teaching comprehension strategy-based lessons
  • Graphic organisers for comprehension strategy reflection

Teaching purpose: Small group

Fiction/nonfiction: Fiction/nonfiction

Year level: 4–6

Subject: Language arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, English Language Learning, Writing

Format: Paperback