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CSI Private Eye CSI Private Eye CSI Private Eye CSI Private Eye CSI Private Eye CSI Private Eye CSI Private Eye

CSI Private Eye is an interactive online adventure series full of reading, comprehension activites and writing opportunities.

Students will love logging in to solve real-life mysteries from around the world – boosting literacy has never been so fun and easy. 

25 free CSI Chapters ebooks when you subscribe.

The Literacy Cloud portal for Private Eye is:

  • Available 24/7 from school or home
  • Student-friendly, link-free, and ad-free
  • Compatible with any device that uses Chrome or Safari
  • Browser-based – no downloads, updates, apps, or extra costs

Come for the adventures, stay for the writing lessons – they’ve been described by teachers as “hidden gold”. Each adventure in the series is complemented by three writing lessons, including full lesson plans and writing templates. Each lesson tackles a specific writing genre, and guides students through "mini-lessons" in revision and editing. 

Levelled for students in Year 4–6, CSI Private Eye is also popular with Years 7–9 due to its high-engagement factor.

What you get with a CSI Private Eye subscription:

  • A teacher account.
  • An "online class", with a set of student accounts (approx. 30).
  • All six CSI Private Eye interactive literacy adventures.
  • Six sets of CSI Private Eye teaching materials, including 18 related lesson plans for teaching writing, editing and revising.
  • Our 25 award-winning CSI Chapters ebooks, covering high-interest fiction, nonfiction, science and social studies topics, from reading levels M–V.
  • CSI Chapters Teacher guide, with 32 reading lessons and matching graphic organisers.

Using CSI Private Eye, students will ...

  • Boost their reading comprehension, writing, and vocabulary skills
  • Develop world knowledge and investigate global mysteries
  • Answer multiple-choice and open-ended questions and give opinions
  • Practice writing across multiple genres, including lesson plans and writing templates
  • Experience a variety of text types across content areas
  • Learn sequencing through drag-and-drop and CLOZE activities

Teaching purpose: Individual

Fiction/nonfiction: Nonfiction

Year level: 4–6

Subject: Language arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, Writing

Format: Digital