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Pathways: When Germs Attack


Pathways: When Germs Attack

There are germs all around us. Germs make us sick. Find out what germs are, how to keep them away ... and how far a sneeze can fly through the air!

Pathways is a series of 20 fun, nonfiction chapter books in which students are guided through their reading by the friendly "Nat the Ant".

Find lesson plans and teaching materials for When Germs Attack here.

Pathways is designed to support transitional readers to build stamina, become familiar with nonfiction text features and language, and maintain progress and enthusiasm for their reading.

Each book includes:

  • thought-provoking "ant questions"
  • a surprise fold-out Ant Tunnel to motivate readers halfway
  • a detailed glossary

Level M
Year 3
32 pages
Science – Life Sciences