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Student Reflection Journal (Red CSI Literacy Kit)


Student Reflection Journal (Red CSI Literacy Kit)

CSI Literacy Reflection Journals are a key part of the CSI Literacy kits. They are the third step in the CSI Literacy learning model, gradually releasing responsibility to students so that they become independent and critical readers.

Student Reflection Journals are available in both print and online formats. Online journals are accessed using a secure cloud-based server, and students can write directly into their browser windows.

Each Student Reflection Journal contains:

  • 40 unique graphic organisers individually designed for each text
  • Information about reading strategies in student-friendly language
  • Blank reflection templates for student writing
  • Strategy prompts and examples of strategy use to model good, reflective writing
  • Rubrics for self-assessment and building metacognition
  • A strategy-use graph

Teaching purpose: Individual

Fiction/nonfiction: Fiction and nonfiction

Year level: 9

Subject: Language arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, English Language Learning, Writing

Format: Paperback