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Taken for Granted


Taken for Granted

In Taken for Granted, your students will explore some fascinating every day ideas: What exactly is in the air we breathe? Has an hour always been an hour? Who gets to name us? Where is the past?

Finding interesting texts to grow your students’ reading abilities shouldn’t be hard. We’ve made it easy with CSI Chapters, a series of short books for teachers who need engaging texts for guided or small group reading.

Taken for Granted is available in paperback and eBook.

CSI Chapters is a series of short chapter books with explicit strategies instruction and support.

The Teachers’ Guide contains lesson plans for each book and graphic organisers for consolidating student learning.

Inside CSI Chapters:

  • 25 high-interest books geared towards years 4–6+
  • Builds students’ strategic reading skills, reading stamina and word-knowledge
  • Titles vary in length from 24 to 32 pages
  • Includes fiction, poetry, science, numeracy and social studies
  • Includes academic and general vocabulary glossaries
  • eBooks contain multimedia content for strong engagement

Teaching purpose: Small group

Fiction/nonfiction: Non-fiction

Year level: 4

Subject: Social studies

Format: Paperback/ebook