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Kiwi Nuggets set two – free reading and learning activities

Kiwi Nuggets set two – free reading and learning activities

Free Google Slides reading and learning activities for Kiwi readers

Kiwi Nuggets are short Aotearoa New Zealand texts especially developed for independent learning – remotely, as in-class extension, or for homework.

Kiwi Nuggets offer engaging texts, with content about Aotearoa New Zealand that is connected to the curriculum. (Curriculum links and teacher info below!)

Access the free Google Slides for set two:

(Thanks to some great advice, the links will now copy automatically before they open. Just click "make a copy" in the window that pops up. Thanks tech-savvy teachers!)


Because as Kiwi students move through the primary and intermediate years the research suggests that for many students their engagement and achievement in reading falls away. Kiwi Nuggets are selected and offered with activities designed to build their literacy engagement and achievement, and support their understanding of content texts across the curriculum.

"… teachers could advantage their students by providing more diverse and challenging reading materials". 
Leading Kiwi literacy researcher Prof Stuart McNaughton, ONZM

In the line with relevant research the focus of Kiwi Nuggets is on reading comprehension, content area literacy, vocabulary and language development, and writing.

Alignment to the NZC

All texts and activities are aligned with relevant expectations from The Literacy Learning Progressions (‘LLPs’), and the appropriate NZC curriculum area Achievement Objectives (AOs). 

Each text has activities for students that enable them to use and learn about a comprehension strategy, chosen for its relevance to the text. And each text has activities aligned with the relevant content area AO. For example, this second set published focuses on Science and Social Studies AOs.

Year Levels and Reading Levels

Kiwi Nuggets are best for students from year 3 and up. 

But, please be aware that the purpose of Kiwi Nuggets is to support comprehension and content literacy so it’s preferable that texts are easily read independently, so students are able to focus on comprehension, content, vocabulary and language, and writing. ‘Constrained skills’ at the word level have mostly been learned which is why we say that reading age is helpful mostly to making sure that texts are not too difficult for students to read independently.


For more teacher-led short texts and lessons that support modelled reading and fluency – check out the kits that inspired Kiwi Nuggets: Enhance Literacy

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