CSI Literacy NZ

Unlock the reading potential of all your students

CSI Literacy kits are the key to unlocking the potential of your students: short, engaging texts that allow you to explicitly teach reading strategies that your students will be able to use for the rest of their lives.

How does it work?

First, you’ll teach a specific reading strategy in a fun, interactive shared reading lesson.

Your students will practice this reading strategy in a cooperative learning activity (with the support of an audio text to help build vocabulary and demonstrate expression, accuracy and phrasing), before reflecting on their learning in an independent writing activity. Regardless where their learning is at, with each lesson you’ll make difficult concepts accessible to every student in your class. You'll have them all working together at their year level to get real reading results – a true learning community.

What teachers say

CSI Literacy kits transform student learning. It's a programme that demands students reach higher levels of thinking while reading complex texts.

– Chaunte

Making strategies explicit means students know what steps they need to take to become good readers. Breaking it down into small parts makes it way easier for my students to practise and develop fluency in those strategies.

– Chris

I used to spend hours looking for rich, interesting texts that my students would love ... CSI Literacy kits have those texts.

– Monique

Because it’s fun, we see the walls come down.

– James

What’s inside a CSI Literacy kit?

  • 45+ digital, interactive shared reading texts (+ a hardcopy book)
  • Lesson Plan book with lesson outlines, detailed support around teaching reading comprehension strategies, scheduling options, and assessment rubrics for teachers and students
  • Co-operative Learning Activities books
  • Audio support for Co-Operative Learning Activities
  • Reflection Journal (sample) – 40 graphic organisers, assessable and individually designed for each text to strengthen and consolidate students' learning

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Each CSI Literacy kit is a programme to help you teach comprehension, vocabulary, oral language, writing and fluency.

  • Whole-class digital shared reading lesson creates a learning community, where your students build confidence and a willingness (no matter their reading ability) to try new and challenging texts.
  • Digital texts and annotation tools allow you to interact closely with the text – there are multimedia features including videos, audio tracks and hyperlinked glossaries.
  • Audio texts of co-operative activities to access complex material with ease and allow them focus on meaning and comprehension.
  • Co-operative activities get your students working on a brand-new hard-copy text to practise the reading strategy they’ve just learnt. Research shows students need multiple exposures to a new concept over a short period of time.
  • Academic vocabulary glossaries provide scientific, mathematical, social studies English and general curriculum content language
  • Assessment rubrics to help you evaluate reading and language, writing, and speaking and language