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You’ve told us that you’ve got readers who are falling behind their peers, readers who can decode well but need to work on their comprehension, readers who are new to the English language, and readers who simply have no interest in books. (And many more types of readers!)

Meeting the diverse needs of readers in a classroom is no easy feat. You need engaging resources that boost reading comprehension and develop vocabulary, writing, oral language and fluency. Resources that work.

We can help.

At CSI Literacy, we’ve made effective, easy-to-use and fun resources that will help you to boost your students' literacy achievement.

Our resources

Boost reading



Why we are here…

Research has shown that students ...

... who haven’t picked up key processing and comprehension skills by the end of year 4 often never catch up. They continue to struggle into their adolescence and adulthood.

Like you, that’s not something we want. And like you, we believe every child should have the opportunity to succeed.

Well, there’s a solution:

Explicitly teach students how to read, right through the middle years. Because students who are given clear strategy instruction become better readers than students taught with conventional instruction.

We need to keep teaching our students to read. We need to keep teaching them to ‘learn how to learn’. Because if we can change students’ learning, we can change their lives.

Targeted instruction

What teachers say

The key to getting students into learning is engagement. If you have that, you’re winning. CSI Literacy has that.

– Justin

Using CSI Literacy, my students have made a staggering leap in their reading ability.

– Kyran

We've had stunning results using CSI Literacy. The pre- and post-test results have shown amazing shifts.

– Marie

Every day my students ask me if we are doing CSI Literacy.

– Glen

Our resources

CSI Literacy Kits

CSI Literacy kits are designed for teachers who have a range of levels in their class and want to teach reading strategies everyone can use, no matter their level.

With a CSI Literacy kit, you’ve got the keys to unlocking the potential of all your students, regardless of ability. With CSI Literacy kits, you'll create a learning community, so all your students can work together at their year level to achieve real reading results.


CSI Private Eye

Motivate even the most reluctant of readers with CSI Private Eye, a series of online interactive adventures that get students reading and writing.

If you’re looking for something to ‘hook’ your students (especially struggling readers), this is it.

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CSI Chapters

CSI Chapters provide you with interesting, engaging texts for shared or guided reading.

The series is a cross-curricular mix of fiction and nonfiction, and the Teachers’ Guide has lesson plans and graphic organisers to help you continue to teach specific reading strategies while your students learn to read longer texts. The books are high-interest, challenging and will help your students build reading stamina.

The content in CSI Chapters spans the curriculum, including science, maths and financial literacy.



Pathways is a series of short nonfiction chapter books that help teachers transition students from levelled readers to longer texts.

Learning to read is a journey, and Pathways helps you guide your students with engaging and challenging texts.

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Enhance Literacy

We want to help you make sure no student falls through the cracks. Enhance Literacy is a targeted intervention programme that will help you bring students who have fallen well behind up to speed.

In just three easy steps you’ll help your students to develop comprehension, fluency and language.