CSI Literacy NZ

Grow your students' reading abilities

Finding interesting texts to grow your students’ reading abilities shouldn’t be hard.

We’ve made it easy with CSI Chapters, a collection of 25 short, original high-interest chapter books. Each book varies in length from 24 to 32 pages, making them perfect for guided reading.

CSI Chapters engage students and offer supports and scaffolds to give students the confidence and skills needed to tackle any text.

What teachers say

It's really fun and enjoyable as a class to get into a text and pull it apart and enjoy the process of reading together.

– Glen

Texts are written in a way that doesn’t dumb the content down at all, while really increasing engagement with students. They want to learn about crazy big words and use the glossary and get into the meaning behind the text. It’s really compelling.

– Andrew

The online versions make for great co-operative tasks. Students can share a screen between two or three, and they can use the tools, like annotation, highlighting, and note-taking to show their progress as they’re going through the text.

– David

The graphic organisers really consolidate the students’ learning around the strategies, and around the content and the texts.

– Sarah

What’s inside CSI Chapters?

  • Over 700 pages of engaging, levelled content
  • Fiction and nonfiction texts that span the curriculum – content covers science, math, social studies, financial literacy and more
  • Teacher’s Guide with lesson plans and graphic organisers
  • Print and digital formats


How will CSI Chapters help you?

CSI Chapters are high interest books that pick up where the CSI Literacy kits leave off: allowing you to continue to teach strategic reading skills while students learn to read longer texts.

  • Build reading stamina and word-knowledge
  • Support complex reading with illustrated, levelled short chapter books
  • Use small group instruction to boost literacy achievement