CSI Literacy NZ

Read, respond and reflect

Enhance Literacy is a targeted teaching and intervention programme. It will help you raise student achievement in three easy steps:

READ – Read short text with a small group
RESPOND – Complete an activity
REFLECT ­– Reflect on lesson challenges and next steps

Developed in cooperation with Maria Uribe Ph.D, an ELL expert and an award-winning educator, Enhance Literacy has a deliberate focus on sentence- and text-level activities – comprehension, fluency, and language development. It offers instruction for English language learners and struggling readers in the knowledge that their needs are different, but they share a common goal: to succeed in literacy, in school, and in life.

What teachers say

It’s really hard to fall through the cracks with Enhance Literacy. The students who struggle with reading have accelerated doing this programme.

– Nisha

The audio helps students not lose their place or their engagement with the text – it gives them confidence when they’ve got someone reading out the text as they read along. It’s really propelled them in their reading.

– Shannon

Enhance Literacy has changed our students’ attitudes about reading.

– Rachel

Our English language learners are motivated because of the texts.

– Gloria

How will Enhance Literacy help you?

We want to help you make sure no student falls through the cracks. Enhance Literacy supports teachers to develop comprehension, fluency and language development.

It’s a two-part programme made up of a Modeled Reading Kit and a Fluency Kit. In the Modeled Reading kit, teachers model reading strategies that good readers use for comprehension. In the Fluency kit, students have access to audio texts that help build vocabulary and demonstrate expression, accuracy and phrasing. All of the texts in the kits are high-interest, cross-curricular, and have incredible opportunities for language development.


What's inside the Enhance Literacy kits?

Enhance Literacy will help bring English Language Learners and struggling readers up to year level.

Modeled Reading kit includes:

Modeled reading texts that are high-interest, short, and a mix of fiction and informational

Modeled reading lesson plans to support teachers to explicitly teach literacy through modelling, demonstration and practice

Modeled reading activities for students that support them to learn close reading and text deconstruction


Fluency kit includes:

Fluency lesson plans that focus on co-operative learning and student agency

Downloadable audio models for texts that support students to build fluency, comprehension and language

Fluency, comprehension and writing activities for students that develop close reading and text deconstruction