CSI Literacy NZ

Get your students on the pathway to reading

On the pathway to becoming a reader, young readers must transition from picture books and levelled readers to longer texts.

We’re here to help you guide your students on their reading journey: Pathways is a collection of 20 high-interest short chapter books that introduce informational texts in an exciting way.

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What teachers say

My students love the nonfiction texts because there are these great big pictures and the content is just fantastic, especially for the boys in my class. They’re instantly engaged.

– Erica

The texts are really engaging for all our students. I’ve never had any CSI Literacy text be dull. Students are always engaged.

– Gabrielle

No matter what we’re reading about, the kids are always engaged and really into it.

– Kara

How will Pathways help you?

Mainstream, English Language Learners or intervention, Pathways will help you give your students authentic, engaging reading that will allow them to experience reading success. You’ll support and scaffold students to sustain comprehension, maintain interest and build reading stamina.

What’s inside Pathways?

  • 20 engaging informational texts
  • Levelled text with picture support and a glossary
  • Questions to encourage critical thinking and discussion
  • Cross-curricular content that covers science, math, social studies and more
  • Teachers' Guide with lesson plans and writing activities
  • Print and digital formats