CSI Literacy NZ

Easy to share, easy to use

Each link asks you to "make a copy" which will save to your Google Drive. From there, you can share it to your students using Classroom or Hapara, or however you usually do.

Students will then have their own version that they can write, edit, and return to in their Google Drive.

NZ Curriculum links

All texts and activities are aligned with relevant expectations from The Literacy Learning Progressions (‘LLPs’), and the appropriate NZC curriculum area Achievement Objectives (AOs).

Each text has activities for students that enable them to use and learn about a comprehension strategy, chosen for its relevance to the text. And each text has activities aligned with the relevant content area AO. For example, this first batch published focuses on Science AOs.

Inspired by Enhance Literacy

Enhance Literacy is a targeted literacy programme to boost your students' reading.

The kits include 120 short texts, lesson plans, and writing activites – as well as extensive teaching materials and support.

Find free downloadable supports and more information at www.enhanceliteracy.com or download the resource flyer below.

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