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Adventures in learning: The complete guide to CSI Private Eye

Adventures in learning: The complete guide to CSI Private Eye

Teachers, we’re here to help make your lives easier:

  • We want you to have great literacy resources that get results.
  • We want them to be easily accessible.
  • And we definitely, definitely want them to be fun and engaging for your learners.

So we’ve created a series of solve-as-you-read online adventures, CSI Private Eye. Heard of it?

If you answered no, that’s good. Let us introduce you!

CSI Private Eye – the ultimate online literacy resource

CSI Private Eye is a series of fascinating true stories that students interact with like a video game.

They act as detectives, travelling back and forward in time using digital tools to navigate each story and uncover the mystery behind it. (Doing a little bit of reading, writing and problem-solving along the way.)

You'll have all your students hooked on reading, even your reluctant and struggling readers. One teacher says it’s the “the best online resource I’ve come across”.

CSI Private Eye for students

CSI Private Eye gives year 4–6 (and beyond!) students the chance to learn about fascinating topics. Each case has direct links to science, history, social sciences and mathematics, and requires over 200 individual digital interactions. Throughout each adventure, students will also–

  • Master the use of close-reading skills and strategies
  • Acquire new vocabulary and fluency in reading
  • Write and record observations and predictions as they gather evidence
  • Develop world knowledge

And at the end they’ll receive a full report on their literacy achievements.

CSI Private Eye for teachers

You don’t have to download anything; you don’t need to be Mac or PC, Apple or Android. It’s a cloud-based resource, so CSI Private Eye will work on your desktop, laptop or tablet!

In CSI Private Eye, you’ll have access to a bookshelf featuring–

  • A walkthrough of each case (to help navigate any tricky spots)
  • Curriculum correlations
  • Genre-based writing lesson plans (there’s three for each case, plus suggestions for extensions)
  • Student lesson material (printable material for reading, writing, editing and peer review, including graphic organisers)

Plus, you’ll be able securely log in and assess how your students did!

Education technology at its best

We could talk about it until we’re blue in the face, but we’d rather you checked CSI Private Eye out for yourself.

We’ve set up a teacher’s bookshelf, with short demos of each interactive adventure, along with samples of the teacher and student materials.

Check out the demo, or start a free 14-day trial!

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